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Certificates & Awards

General Health Council

- It recognizes healthcare facilities that meet the standards necessary to provide quality services and patient safety.

- Advantages: demonstrates compliance standards that are referenced to the safety of patients’ quality of care, hospital safety, current regulations and policies in health priority.

- Show commitment to continuous improvement that we have with the patient, family, staff and society.


Distinctive “H”

- A symbol issued by the Ministry of Tourism and the Ministry of Health for establishments that offer food and beverages.

- Objective: to meet the quality standards for the hygienic food management program established in the NMX-F-605-NORMEX-2004 with the primary purpose of reducing the incidence of food borne illness.


Secure Hospital

- Hospital Real San Jose is currently in the process of becoming certified by the Joint Commission International, which means access to a variety of resources and services that connect with the international community: a system for quality service measurement that is globally recognized and used as a benchmark, best practices and customer service strategies, among many other benefits for the hospital and its patients.

- The certification process should be completed in September, 2013.


PACAL: Programa de Aseguramiento de la Calidad (Quality Assurance Program)

King Pacal Award, for demonstrating excellence in analytical grade and qualify among the best mexican laboratories in a year (2011-2012)


Recognition as a company committed to the education of their employees, granted by the Ministry of Education in 2012 (CONEVYT)


Accreditation from the Health Tourism International Chamber of Commerce to receive international patients from all over the world.