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• ER 24 hrs. with specialized emergency physicians and specific areas for women, men and children.
• Digital radiology, magnetic resonance imaging, multislice spiral tomography, echocardiography, digitized mammography and 3D and 4D doppler ultrasound.
• Laboratory, blood bank, and histopathology.
• Bone and tissue bank.
• Endoscopy.
• Specialized unit in obstetrics OB - Baby Match system for continuous monitoring of mother and child.
• Kidney, liver, hand, upper extremity and skeletal muscle tissue transplants.
• Interventional cardiology centre
• Trauma and orthopedics centre
• Intensive and intermediate therapy for adults, pediatric, and neonatal.
• General and ambulatory surgery
• Obesity clinic and related metabolic illnesses.
• Medical check-ups.
• Lithotripsy and endourology.
• Respiratory therapy
• Hemodialysis
• Hemodynamic, cardiac catheterization, neuro-intervention, angioplasty, electrophysiology studies
• Hospitalization by specialty
• Stem Cells treatment, DNA VITA
• Restaurant
• Gift shop
• Insurance Offices