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To ensure that patients, families, and doctors are in "the best of hands" in a private hospital of highly specialized medical care.


1. Commitment: Proactive work which helps us creates paths to improve our services.
2. Integrity: Righteousness, goodness, honesty and trust.
3. Professionalism: To provide a service, ensuring excellent quality result, with an honest, qualified and responsible behavior.
4. Trust: Hope and full security in a person and/or institution
5. Warmth: Search for the happiness of our fellow men, to seek the common sense to provide a service, information or guidance required. It has to do with the values of solidarity, generosity, humility, tolerance, dedication to service, ability to listen and respect.



1- To receive suitable medical care.
2- To receive dignified and respectful treatment.
3- To receive sufficient information that is clear, timely and truthful.
4- To freely decide on your care.
5- To give or not to give your valid informed consent.
6- To be treated with confidentiality.
7- To have the opportunities to get a second opinion.
8- To receive medical care in case of an emergency.
9- To have a medical record.
10-To be attended to when you disagree with medical care received.



1. To respect life from its beginning until its end.
2. To respect a patient's dignity, in a field of equality and justice under the principles of charity; not of malice and self-rule.
3. To safeguard the health of people in the community, promoting a culture of prevention and care in the environment.
4. To respect the rights of the patient and healthcare personnel with honesty and responsability.
5. To carry out activities with honor and dignity and to safeguard the jobs of the institution.
6. To show full respect for the regulations and existing legal provisions of caregiving, education, and research.
7. To respect professional secrecy.
8. To provide a warm and humane treatment that is professional within the field of competence.
9. Impartiality in the rendering of services without discrimination.
10.Where appropiate, guarantee a dignified death.