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Advanced Technology


Hospital Real San Jose implemented a drug delivery system with RFID technology, which ensures the proper supply of the medication.

RFID is a form of bracelet system that facilitates the identification of patients, scheduling the administration of medication and ensuring the timely communication between doctors, nurses, and patients and/or family, contributing to the patient safety system in line with the Certification.

Properly implemented, RFID can significantly aid the medial staff in performing their duties. It can greatly reduce the need for manual entry of records, increase security for both patient and hospital, and reduce errors in administering medication.

Operating Rooms

We have 7 operating rooms; 4 Endosuites equipped with cutting edge surgical tables and STERIS LED lamps and 3 in toco-surgery.

The advantage of STERIS surgical tables is that they are adaptable to all surgical specialties, according to the demands and needs of the patient, handling and speed that is required.

STERIS LED lamps Harmony Vled model, provide a surgical lighting system with high performance optics and control, eliminating shadows and without emitting heat


One of the strengths of our Hospital is laparoscopic surgery, since this technique causes less surgical trauma is less painful and a rapid postoperative recovery, to carry out this type of surgery, we have technical experts in the management of equipment, which assist in every moment of surgery; We handle 2 types of laparoscopic Towers Olympus CV-180 y Storz) and one urology tower (Storz)

We have craniotomy equipment, and 2 midas rex equipments: electric and pneumatic as drilling unit for neurology surgeries, traumatology and orthopedics; in the same manner we have experts to handle the equipment.

We have a team of intraoperative monitoring of 32 channels of Cadwell CASCADE ELITE MODEL which makes it easier for surgeons to detect lesions or neurological damage immediately, therefore allowing corrective actions that avoid sensory, motor or functional injuries in the system of the patient.

For urologic procedures we have 2 types of lasers: Evolve and holmium, which decrease the risk of surgery, less bleeding, more efficiency, easier access and more importantly high probability of success in a single treatment.

Cardiac Catheterization

Hemodynamics Equipment FD20 of the Philips brand.

StentBoost is an innovative application that produces an enhanced image with excellent resolution of the StentBoost which is implanted in the coronary arteries while the balloon catheter is still in its place. The StentBoost image assists the operating doctor in the correct evaluation of the maximum expanded Stent, without using additional contrast material. In addition, it increases the quality and clarity of the fluoroscopic image resulting in improved accuracy by the interventionist cardiologist and a better result for the patient.

Endourology and Lithotripsy

This room has everything you need to perform procedures such as urology and the latest generation of lithotripsy extracorporeal lithotripter. Also with the latest tables for surgical procedures and patient transport AneticAid brand Mod. QA4.


The imagenology department was given a total restructuring of the equipment and acquired a Work Flow Manager solution PACS / RIS Carestream brand with capacity for 25,000 studies, licensing Virtual Reading, 2 diagnostic workstations, RIS 7 stations, scanner KODAK DRY VIEW SYSTEM. It has the equipment for digital images, giving the doctor and patient convenience for review and storage. Each Doctor is able to check the images in their own computers.

PACS (PICTURE ARCHIVING AND COMMUNICATION SYSTEM-CARESTREAM SYSTEM): This system allows you to access, save, and file all images by the X-ray department so that they can be examined immediately or afterwards by radiology doctors and treating physicians. This can be carried out inside the hospital next to the patient’s bed or the doctors’ offices in any part of the city, country, or world by means of restricted access through a password.
This possibility allows images to be printed both in conventional radiographic film as well as CD or DVD and can be saved by patients or treating physicians.

Also changed the whole team for the latest Philips technology, being as follows:

- 1 Magnetic Resonance Team (MRI) 1.5 telsa, which includes vibration control system in place, shows the best image definition. This equipment allows sophisticated studies of diseases as cranial, heart, blood vessels, and practically all bodily organs, reducing study time up to 20%. Its compact design and technology can reduce energy and helium consumption.
- 1 Computed tomography scanning (CT) 64-slice with software for virtual colonoscopy, cardiac studies, pulmonary and arterial with the fastest reconstruction in the market, using 3D anatomical images. In addition, a better quality of image is obtained with low-dose radiation.
- 1 iU22 Doppler Ultrasound equipment, equipped with the most modern software for the detection of different organ diseases, such as breast cancer, liver, prostate and gynecological diseases in 2D and 3D images.
- 1 iE33 echocardiographic equipment with transesophageal transducer transesophageal, which allows to create 3D images of complex diagnostic pathology or difficult hear diagnostic easier.
- Mammography, current high definition equipment produces excellent quality images that allow lesions less tan one millimeter to be detected. The arm system movements turn according to the simplest position of the patient offering maximum comfort for older persons or for those with back problems. It also has a computerized system that allows automatic positioning of the needles to carry out biopsies.
- 2 Fluoroscopy C-arms, BV Endura model.