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About us

Hospital Real San Jose is well known for offering an innovative approach to their services: with an appealing hotel and hospital concept design, it offers modern premises to their clients as well as the latest technology and top quality in their services.

The hospital is committed to maintaining high standards of quality and safety in patient care as a fundamental value of its philosophy in order to meet and exceed the needs and expectations of its customers.

Due to its structure and design, it is conceived as an intelligent hospital, offering the patient and doctor top technology and high quality areas and services. The hospital’s main objective is to position itself as one of the best choices in health care and to be the leading Hospital reference in the country, to expand the range of services and units, and be a promoter of good practices and a pillar in the development of Medical Tourism in the country and North America.

Hospital Real San Jose is a member of the Cluster of Medical Tourism in Jalisco, Mexico.